• Large MPV Hire

Large MPV Hire

For many people, the need for a vehicle to be able to transport up to nine people in one go is a rare occurrence. But for those that face such a challenge on a regular basis, knowing that there are models available for just such a requirement provides great peace of mind. With Rent Direct in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and Peterborough, you have the chance to source a number of large multi-purpose vehicles from some of the leading names in the automotive industry.

With our lineup of branches, motorists across East Anglia will be able to find a suitable model for their needs. So, whether you’re heading away as a group on holiday, are embarking on a work team building weekend, or simply need a nine-seater vehicle to transport customers and staff on a regular basis, we at Rent Direct will be able to help you. All our vehicles - which include those from brands like Ford and Volkswagen – can be driven on a standard Full Driving License so there’s no need to worry about your eligibility.