Hiring Criteria

When it comes to hiring a vehicle from Rent Direct, it’s important to note that there are strict criteria that need to be adhered to.

Driver age: All drivers must be aged between 23-69 for cars, MPVs and vans inclusive. Customers aged under 25, however, will only be able to rent Standard Category models - i.e. Cars up to a Group M2 and Vans up to a Group V1 - and will be subject to a young driver’s surcharge. Drivers aged 70 or over should still contact us as we may still be able to assist with your vehicle hire needs.

Driving Licence and history: All drivers must present a full, valid, UK driving licence that has been held for at least 24 months. Minor licence endorsements up to six points will be accepted. However, major endorsements - such as UT, DD, DR, and IN - will not be accepted. Please note that, for drivers under 25 years of age, all driving licences should be free from endorsements. Your Driving Licence details can be accessed via the government website at www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence. From here we will require the code to be generated and given to us (be careful, it’s case sensitive) along with your Driving Licence Number so that we can access your current record.

Insurance excesses and liabilities: All insurance is subject to an insurance excess, which is the cost to the hirer in the event of damage occurring during the rental period. These are stated when selecting a particular vehicle in our online booking program. Excess waivers are available to reduce liability and can be selected online also.

Required documents: In addition to your driving licence, you must produce two forms of identification. One of these is your signed payment card and the other is a proof of address document which can be bank statements or utility bills no older than three months, or a passport or flight details and a passport if you are visiting from overseas. Please see below for the acceptable proof of address documents:

  • Bank or Building Society Statement
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Utility Bill (i.e. Council Tax, Gas, Water or Electricity, excluding Mobile Phone Bills)
  • HMRC Tax Statement

Payment and deposit: A deposit is required and is stated during the booking process. This will be refunded to the payment debit/credit upon the return of the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and in an undamaged condition but can take up to three working days to be credited by your bank. Payment can be made using all major debit and credit cards, excluding American Express. Please note, the card used to pay for both the hire and deposit must be in the hirer’s name and must be presented at the point of collection.

Fuel policy: All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the start of the hire and customers are expected to return the vehicle full at the end of the hire. If the vehicle is returned less than full of fuel, a charge will be made based on an approximate number of litres at a rate in excess of the current pump price as well as a Refuelling Admin Charge of £20.