• Who Can Hire a Vehicle in the UK?

Who Can Hire a Vehicle in the UK?

Find out what is required to rent a car, van or MPV

If you’re planning on hiring a vehicle in the UK, you’ll want to understand what the rules are when it comes to eligibility. Is there a minimum age to hire a van? Do you need to show your driving licence to hire a car? 

Whether you’re looking to hire a vehicle for a short term or long term period, here at Rent Direct, we answer all these questions and more… 

How old do you need to be to hire a vehicle in the UK?

The minimum age to hire a car or van in the UK is generally 23 years old. As standard practice, vehicle hire is offered to people aged between 23 to 69 years old for cars, MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) and vans. Those aged under 23 and over 69 can still hire a vehicle in the UK under certain terms - we’ve explained more below: 

Can I hire a vehicle in the UK if I’m under 25?

You can hire a car or van in the UK if you are aged under 25, but there are restrictions as to what type of models can be hired - for example, more premium models may not be available. Anyone aged under 25 is classed as a young driver, and are therefore subject to a surcharge fee on top of the agreed vehicle hire fee.

Here at Rent Direct, drivers aged 23 or 24 will only be able to rent standard category models from us. These are limited to cars up to a group M2 (‘small’ and ‘compact’ category cars), or vans up to a group V1 (passenger vans only which may be restricted in terms of seats). 

Can I hire a vehicle in the UK if I’m over 70?

The upper age limit for hiring a car or van in the UK tends to be restricted to 69 or 70 years old. However, despite the general cut-off age, it is still possible to hire a vehicle in the UK if you are aged 70 or over. 

For senior driver vehicle hire in the UK, get in touch with us here at Rent Direct and we’ll do everything we can to assist with your vehicle hire needs. 

Can I hire a vehicle in the UK without my driving licence?

We’ve all forgotten that vital document when you need it most, so when it comes to vehicle hire in the UK, it’s important you don’t forget your driving licence! Presenting a full, valid, UK driving licence that has been held for at least two years is mandatory for hiring a car or van. 

Can I hire a vehicle in the UK if I have points on my driving licence?

Vehicle rental policies will vary between rental companies. Here at Rent Direct, we will accept your driving licence if you have up to six points due to minor offences only. However, major offences on driving licences, such as DD (Dangerous Driving) or DR (Drink Driving), will not be accepted. 

It’s important to note that if you’re classed as a young driver (under 25 years of age), your driving licence will need to be clean, with no minor offences whatsoever. 

What documents are required to hire a vehicle in the UK?

There are a number of documents you’ll need to present when hiring a car or van in the UK. In addition to your valid driving licence, you’ll also need to come equipped with two forms of current identification. 

Here at Rent Direct, we’ll accept a bank or credit card if it’s signed on the reverse, plus a proof of address document. There are a number of options available to you:

  • A bank, building society or credit card statement (as long as it’s no older than three months).
  • A utility bill (no older than three months). We accept a council tax bill, or a gas, water, or electricity bill, but not mobile phone bills. 
  • A recent tax statement from HMRC.    

What documents do I need to hire a vehicle in the UK if I’m a non-UK resident?

If you’re visiting us from abroad and wish to hire a vehicle from Rent Direct as a non-UK resident, then we’ll only be too happy to help. To hire a car, van or MPV, then the documents listed above are required, plus the addition of your flight details along with the passport. 

Is a deposit required when hiring a vehicle in the UK?

Yes, you will need to pay a deposit amount when you hire a car or van in the UK. The deposit will be taken from your bank or credit card and retained throughout the duration of the vehicle hire. 

A deposit is required during the booking process of your car or van hire before the hire period starts. 

What is a vehicle hire deposit for? 

A pre-agreed deposit amount will be held by the rental company should the vehicle be returned with any damage during your rental period. The deposit amount may also be offset against any refuelling or cleaning charges, should you not meet the agreed return terms. 

Here at Rent Direct, we charge a refundable £200 deposit on all of our hire vehicles. Upon collection of your hire car, van or MPV, we will ask for your deposit which can be transferred using any major debit or credit card, except American Express. 

Your deposit will be refunded to you in full upon the safe and undamaged return of the hire vehicle - please note this can take up to three working days to appear in your account. As per our rental terms and conditions, your Rental Direct hire vehicle will need to be returned in an undamaged condition and with a full tank of fuel.   

Can I drive a hire car out of the UK?

Restrictions apply when driving a UK hire car out of the country, making it difficult to do so. By law you are required to possess a VE103B certificate to prove you have permission to take the rental car out of the country and into Europe. Here at Rent Direct, we do not allow our vehicles to be driven out of the UK mainland. 

Vehicle hire in the UK at Rent Direct 

When it comes to hiring a vehicle in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Rent Direct, we offer a wide range of cars, vans and MPVs for all occasions. Whether you need a rental car for the weekend, a van to help you move house, or an MPV to ferry your family on holiday, then we can help. 

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