• Helpful Vehicle Hire Checklist

Helpful Vehicle Hire Checklist

Prepare for a smoother ride with our ultimate vehicle hire guide

No matter what your reasons for renting a vehicle, you’ll want to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you require a hire car for a holiday adventure, or a van to help move house, then our helpful vehicle hire checklist will ensure a hassle-free hire process…  

Pre-hire pointers

Before you book a hire vehicle, the first thing you should do is determine exactly what type of car, van or MPV you need to do the job. Here at Rent Direct, we offer a wide selection of vehicles to suit all of your requirements. 

You can search the vehicles in our fleet to check if it’s the right choice for you. A category is assigned to each vehicle type which correlates with its size. Once you see a vehicle you like, click on the model to check for further details, such as the number of doors and amount of people it can carry.   

Before entering into a rental agreement, familiarise yourself with the Hiring Criteria so you are aware of what is expected of you as the hiring party, such as; driver age limits, essential documents, insurance excesses, fuel policy, and deposit amount. Consider if you’ll need to include an additional driver on the policy too. 

When you’ve chosen a suitable hire vehicle, it’s important to gather all the documentation that will be required from you upon collection of the car, van or MPV. We’ll need to see your driving licence as well as two other forms of identification - such as a bank statement or utility bill. You’ll need to remember to bring along the debit or credit card you used to book your hire vehicle, too.      

Collection checks

Upon collection of your hire vehicle, remember to take along confirmation of the booking, as well as the relevant documents - failure to do so could result in the hire agreement being delayed or cancelled. 

You will have confirmed your pick-up time during the online booking process, but if for whatever reason you are delayed, then it's best to call ahead and notify us. This won’t make a difference to your initial rental agreement, but will confirm you are not a ‘no-show’. 

Make sure you allow enough time when you arrive at a Rent Direct branch, to allow for a vehicle inspection. We will always encourage you to undertake a thorough check of the vehicle before driving away - as you won’t want to be liable for any damage caused by another person. It’s a good idea to take photos of the vehicle and any damage already incurred as proof - although we should already have this documented.   

As well as any possible external damage, remember to check the interior of the vehicle too. Start the engine to ensure the lights, indicators, air-con, screen wash etc are all in good working order - this will also give you an opportunity to see if there is a full tank of fuel…  

Speaking of which, make sure you check if it’s a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle, so you don’t run the risk of filling it with the wrong fuel! If you’ve hired a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, we’ll talk you through how to charge it. 

We appreciate you’ll want to get going in your hire vehicle, but we’d recommend you read through the small-print in your rental agreement, double-check the return date and time you requested during your booking, while also confirming the return process with us.

One final point to remember; always make sure you have made a note of our contact number and save it to your mobile phone, should you need to get hold of us at any point during the hire period.      

Rental period reminders

During the hire period, you’ll need to ensure you take good care of the vehicle. As the hiring party, you’ll be liable for any damage that may occur. Of course, accidents can’t be helped, but clumsiness can! Treat the vehicle with respect so that you are not faced with any extra charges upon return. 

If you experience any problems with the vehicle during your hire, then you must contact us straightaway. Even if you’re unsure about something, it’s always best to check with us first - even if it’s for your own peace of mind!  

Drop-off must do’s

All rental vehicles are expected to be returned in the condition they were received. Make sure you remove any personal belongings from the vehicle, throw away any rubbish and clear up any dirt or sand that may have made its way into the vehicle during the hire period. 

Make sure you arrive back at one of our Rent Direct branches on time, and call ahead if you are stuck in traffic and running late. The car, van or MPV must be returned with a full tank of fuel, so it’s best to allow extra time before drop-off to top up. 

When returning the vehicle, take the opportunity to check the car over with a member of staff, alerting them to any damage or mechanical issues that may have occurred during your care. Ensure you are issued with documentation to confirm you have returned the vehicle, which all being well, will confirm there is no new damage or issues.

Vehicle rental you can rely on

If you’re searching for vehicle hire in East Anglia, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Rent Direct, we pride ourselves on offering a great choice of cars, vans and MPVs for hire, whether you need a vehicle for short term or long term use, we can help. 

With six branches across the region, we are best placed to serve your vehicle hire needs. Our process is simple and straightforward; use our online booking form to confirm the pick-up location, date and time, as well as the drop-off details, then search our selection of cars, vans and MPVs to find the right one for you - we really do have something for everyone!