• Diesel Explained

Diesel Explained

  • Published: 29 November 2021

A mixture of CO2, NOx and particulates are emitted into the earth’s atmosphere when you drive a car. More NOx and particulates are emitted via a diesel car but less CO2 than a petrol car.

Diesel engines have improved! Cars nowadays (after 2015) are built to Euro 6 standards. This means car now are required to emit around a third of the NOx and a fifth of the particulates of a car built before 2009.​

Diesel cars actually use less fuel and emit on average 20% less CO2, meaning they are still more efficient than their petrol equivalents​. Diesel cars now have very advanced filter systems. Many cars now have diesel particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction systems which reduce emissions.

In Greater London, diesel cars account for only 11% of NOx emissions, while petrol cars account for 7%. Other sources include: industry, trains, gas boilers and many types of machinery​.

Is Diesel Your Fuel? 

Long distances and commutes, Motorways, high-mileage driver.

Is Petrol Your Fuel? 

City driver, short journeys, low-mileage driver.


Don't Be Put Off! New diesel cars are cleaner than ever and all new cars have to pass a strict emission test, these tests are carried out under real driving conditions before leaving the factory.