• Can I rent a car while waiting for a new model to arrive?

Can I rent a car while waiting for a new model to arrive?

Take control of delays to new car orders by hiring a vehicle in the short term

It’s no secret that the new car market has been struggling to keep up with demand since the semiconductor crisis hit post-COVID, and there are still long delays for customers who have ordered a brand new model. 

One thing’s for sure is that delays to your new car being built can prove a huge inconvenience, which is where we can help. Here at Rent Direct, we can provide you with a short or long term vehicle hire solution so you won’t be left high and dry.

Whilst hold-ups are slowly improving, you could still be waiting up to 12 months depending on the make and model of car you’ve ordered. In this article, we explain what to do if your new car is delayed and how hiring a car could prove ideal in the short term. Read on to find out more… 

What causes new car delays?

There are a number of reasons why the production of new cars can be delayed, but the main issue the industry currently faces is a shortage of semiconductor chips. This may not seem like a big deal on the surface until you realise that each new vehicle requires up to 3,000 chips! Electric cars especially house the largest amount of semiconductors. 

Of course vehicle supply issues can also be caused by other manufacturer problems internally, as well as logistical problems with shipping and delivery.      

What is the wait time for a new car in 2023?

The wait time for a new car really does depend on the manufacturer in question, as there seems to be a big difference between marques. For example, if you’re ordering a BMW, the average wait time is around four months.

DS Automobiles seem to have the shortest wait time at between six to sixteen weeks, whereas Jaguar and Land Rover drivers have the longest wait of up to a year to get behind the wheel of their new motor.   

Some car manufacturers have even ceased production of some of its models in favour of prioritising electric variants instead. This is the case with Audi and its TT model which is no longer in production.  

What to do if your new car is delayed

While it’s certainly a frustration to wait for the new car that you’ve ordered, it’s by no means the end of the world as there is an alternative solution which can prove the perfect stop-gap…  

Renting a car in the short or long term is an ideal solution to the problem - especially when you choose a flexible hire car company like ourselves. While it can be easy to assume that hiring a car is just for the weekend or a few weeks away, the reality is quite different as we explain below.   

Sign up to a short or long term car rental contract

Vehicle hire isn’t just for holidaymakers and house movers, but car rental is also available as a stop-gap while you wait for your new model to be built. Whether you require a temporary vehicle for a month or a year, our car hire solutions can be as flexible as you need.

Hiring a car means you can use it as you would your own; be it for work, pleasure or making sure the kids get to school on time.   

What type of car can I rent on a short or long term contract?

We have a variety of cars available for short or long term hire, which means you can drive a like-for-like version of the vehicle on order. Our fleet includes both manual and automatic cars, as well as hybrid variants too. 

Here is a summary of what size cars you can hire from us at Rent Direct:

  • Small = Kia Picanto or similar
  • Compact = Mazda 2 or similar
  • Intermediate - Kia Ceed or similar 
  • Large = Kia Sportage or similar
  • Full size = Kia Sorento or similar

Whether you need a small city runaround or a large multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) with seven seats and everything in between, then you’ve come to the right place. To give you an even better understanding of our fleet, take a look at our definitive guide to rental car sizes so you can work out exactly what model you require.   

Temporary car hire to help get you back on the road

We appreciate that new car delays can be frustrating, especially when you expected the vehicle to be ready at an earlier date. Our hire car solutions will help soften the blow and keep you mobile, whether it be for a few weeks or many months.

Rest assured that here at Rent Direct, we own all of our vehicles so you are guaranteed the best vehicle hire prices  - which is why you won’t find us on price comparison sites.  

With six branches across East Anglia, you can choose to book your hire car by coming in to see us or via our online booking form. Either way, our helpful and experienced team will be happy to talk you through the process and share details of our special offers