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Moving House Soon?

Moving house can be a stressful and expensive experience, so having everything planned and in place in advance can make your move as stress free as possible. You need to think about how you are actually going to move your furniture and belongings to your new home.

Should You Hire a Removal Van or Use a Removal Company?

The choice between hiring a removal van to do your own move or using a removal company will probably be decided by three things: your budget, how far you are moving and how hands on and practical you are.

Hire a removal van


Removal Company Costs Can Become Expensive

A removal company will have different levels of service, from providing the manpower and the van or lorry, to a full pack and unpack service. If you are moving a long distance, or there is a gap between you moving out of your old home into your new one, this may be your best option as the removal company will often be able to provide short and long term storage too.

If you have the budget and want as much of the work taken away from you as possible, most removal firms will pack the entire contents of your house into boxes and unpack at the other end for you. The cost of using a removal company can cost from £1000 + VAT + insurance. This is for an average 3 bedroom sized house and moving within the local area. Once you start adding in extra distance, packing services and storage, the cost can run into thousands of pounds.

Money Saving Tip - Hire a Self Drive Removal Van

If you choose the DIY removal option, you will need to undertake all of the work yourselves, usually with the help of friends and family. Remember you will need to organise suitable packing boxes, pack everything up yourselves, load the removal van, drive the van and unload and unpack again once you reach your new home.

The most daunting bit is probably hiring a removal van and driving the van. Unless you have a HGV licence you won't be able to hire a lorry, but you will be able to drive a Luton van with a normal driving license. Luton vans are easy to drive and are spacious with an easy to load cargo carrying area. Make sure that your Luton van has a tail lift, which will do the heavy lifting for you.

Taking the Strain

All of our Luton Box Vans are supplied with an electronic tailift. This takes some of the strain from all that lifting that you'll be doing during the day. You simply place the box, fridge, washing machine, tumble dryer, wardrobe or chest of drawers (less than 500kg in weight) on to the tailift and press the button and the tailift does the rest. You can even hire a sack barrow from us to wheel the item from your house on to the tailift and then off at the other end into your new house. Tailifts really do make light work of what can be a very tiring day.

Luton Van Hire Costs

The cost of hiring a Luton van for your house move is cheaper than you think. From £149 for a weekend hire, or £81 for a single day (prices correct on 19th March 2015), that is a fantastic way of saving money on your house move. That price also includes insurance and all of our vans are less than 2 years old.


Comparing Removal Costs: Removal Company v Removal Van Hire

For an average 3 bedroom house, moving within the local area, say up too an hour away compare:

  • Removal Company from: £1000 +VAT + Insurance
  • Self Drive Removal Van Hire from: £81



If you are prepared to put in some work yourself packing, loading and unloading, you can save hundreds of pounds on a typical house move. That will leave you some spare spending money to treat the friends and family that helped with your house move. You will also have lots left over to buy a little house warming present for yourselves.


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Need More Help or Information?

Our staff are knowledgeable about the local areas and all our hire vans. Please don't hesitate to call us if you need more information or advice about hiring a van for your house move. We understand that completion dates can change and there is always last minute stress. Talk to us about your move date and we can work with your to be as flexible as possible.

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