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Weekend Car Hire

With the cost of parking rising exponentially, running a car in Cambridge has just become uneconomical. Why not try hiring one just when you need it. So many people are turning to Car Hire Companies as an alternative to owning their car. It means they can collect the car that suits their needs best, enjoy their weekend away and then return it before work on Monday morning.

Special Weekend Rental Rates

Our weekend rates have been tailored to suit this type of hire and allow our customers to get a really great car hire at an unbelievably affordable price. Maybe you're visiting relatives, or the many tourist attractions in and around Cambridge or you simply wish to have the freedom to use the car as and when you choose at the weekend, then this special car hire rate will suit you.

Hire for Weekends Away

Many of our customers use our Weekend Rates just when they need a vehicle that's a bit bigger then they own. Sometimes they need an estate to take a family member to University or sometimes it's a trip to the seaside where they need the space to fit extended family along with luggage. Whatever it is you need the car for, our Weekend Specials will be both affordable and practical to hire.

Weekend Van Hire

Let's face it, how many of us need to hire a van at some point in our lives. We think everyone will benefit from our Weekend van hire rates; allowing them to clear their garage, garden or old furniture or maybe to move house or even for that trip to a furniture store to collect that new wardrobe. We have customers hire vans in Cambridge to transport motorbikes or even to collect items purchased on well-known Auction Websites. Our weekend van hire rates make all this so easy and at a great price.

Hire from our Peterborough or Cambridge Depots

For more on our special weekend car and van rental rates, or to find out how our services can help you, simply call our team of friendly, professional rental experts on 01223 309 409 (Cambridge) now!

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